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San Diego, California

(619) 431 - 5552

East Village

730 Market Street

San Diego, 92101

Del Mar, California

(858) 925 - 7112

Del Mar Village

1202 Camino Del Mar

Del Mar, 92014

San Francisco, California

(415) 655 - 3461

The Haight

1342 Haight Street

San Francisco, 94117

Established in California


Our experienced Barbers not only execute a precise haircut, but also perform techniques to the face, scalp, beard, and mustache. trimming, cutting, shaping, and tapering hair using scissors, razors, clippers, and  provide facial hair maintenance, custom shaves, and a number of grooming services.  Your one stop shop to cultivate and sustain your ideal look. You don't have to wait til it's time for a haircut or shave, It's your Barbershop! Stop into any of our locations and show us some love. We are Debonair.  Selling confidence.

Everyday Excellence


Barbers must be well-equipped with not only the skills to perform their job, but a specific set of qualities.  Excellent customer and personal service skills: Barbers must be knowledgeable about the principles and processes required for providing excellent customer and personal services. Barbers are best to know a little something about everything, the gift of gab. Active listening skills coupled with superb speaking skills. Barbers must be able to give their full attention to their clients and effectively communicate with their clients, while carefully crafting the perfect service and client experience.

Your Barbershop


Barbering has stood the test of time as one of the oldest professions. The environment and camaraderie add spice to the art of barbering -all generations have this in common. Barbershops can be identified by their red, white and blue Barber pole.  Many years ago, barbers worked as dentists and surgeons. The red and white was in representation of the blood and bandages while the blue was added to represent the un-oxygenated veins.  Barbers have evolved to accommodate the times, modern Barbers will cut your hair-blood letting maybe hard to come by though!